PB TRade Textile merchandisers and freelance designers visit local and international fairs, exhibitions, and seminars for the latest in trends, techniques, and knowledge.

  • They regularly visit fabric, embroidery, print, and accessory suppliers to examine new materials. These merchandisers and freelance designers are on hand to help to share this information between the material suppliers and garment manufacturers.


PB TRade Textile works together in coordination with the manufacturer’s designs to present a variety of options for our clients.

  • Our experienced and creative designers follow and research the latest trends, fabrics, accessories and other textile materials. They are able to apply them according to the clients’ fashion concepts and needs.
  • Sector fairs are regularly visited and all new trends are followed and presented to our clients as a report.
  • Research of competitors and market are kept up to date and informed to our clients accordingly.


PB TRade Textile regularly audits its manufacturers and related sub-contractors to ensure clients’ quality standards and codes of conduct are upheld.

  • Technical Audit
    All of our manufacturers’ technical capabilities, facilities, and equipment are audited by our in-house inspectors. The results, which are updated every two years, are reported to the merchandisers.
  • Social / Ethic / Ecologic Audit
    Following the technical audit, the manufacturer is then audited by an independent inspection company according to the clients’ requirements for social conditions, labour rights, child-labour policies, environment policies..etc. If needed, PB Trade Textile takes the neccesary action to correct the situation or problem.
  • We support our suppliers along with the audit process of BSCI, SEDEX, FWF as a member of WWF (World Wide Foundation), Green Office and STWI Projects by our CSR department.


Fast fashion needs fast delivery.PB TRade Textile reacts very direct to trends and e-commerce needs.Working processes are shortened with verticaly intigrated companies.Our continuous quality and style research based on trend experiences and knowledge is supporting this special operation.


PB TRade Textile has a regularly updated database with over 2000 different manufacturers in Turkey.

  • Manufacturers can be searched by product group, production capacities or other specific criteria. This database allows us to quickly and efficiently find the best match for our clients’ production needs. New manufacturers are continuously being added to the database. Existing manufactures are rated according to the clients’ requirements. This is a part of our “Social and Technical Audit”. For more information about this take a look at our Audit section.
  • Garment production has also developed in parallel with this trend. We frequently produce 50/50 and 100% organic garments in both fine and heavy knits with only a minor price difference from non-organic textiles. Our suppliers are certified by major certification organizations such as Control Union and IMO.


PB TRade Textile performs according to the clients’ needs and structure.

  • We have a team of experienced merchandisers in textile purchasing who coordinate the workflow and relations between clients, manufacturers, and quality inspectors.


PB TRade Textile believes that just producing and inspecting garment is not enough to guarantee the highest quality.

  • To be able to ensure service and product quality and to select suitable manufacturers requires attention to detail and quality know-how. To achieve this, PB TRade Textile inputs the client’s quality requirements, procedures, and guidelines on a secure database that is available to the manufacturer. This information is then presented to the manufacturer early in the process, ensuring that the clients specifications are applied correctly from the very start. Industry-experienced QCs perform in-line production and final inspections in conjunction with AQL methods throughout the production process. Those results are reported to the merchandisers, clients, and manufacturers in a timely manner.